Apache Spark Big Data Boot Camp




26-28thyApache Spark: the second-generation big data platform that supplants and improves on Hadoop

The speed, expanded versatility, and new access to powerful APIs and libraries make Apache Spark the undisputed new toolset for powering big data solutions with distributed cluster computing. Also, for the first time ever Spark gives applications the ability to support serious data science capabilities with R-type data frames and big data streaming to overcome time constraints.

Learn to use Spark for your own applications in three packed hands-on days

This fast-paced 3-day course is for data engineers, data analysts, data scientists, developers and operations teams and provides a thorough, hands-on overview of the Apache Spark Platform and various technologies and paradigms which are in Apache Spark.
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· Developers and Team Leads
· Software Engineers
· Business Analysts
· System Analysts
· Data Analysts and Scientists
· Data Scientists
· Operations and DevOps Engineers
· JAVA Developers
· Big Data Engineers
· Pre-Requisites