Blockchain Implementation Workshop


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The popular media is saturated with stories about Bitcoin, but it’s the underlying blockchain technology that allows Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to work. Even outside of cryptocurrency applications, blockchain is a broad disruptor with far-reaching implications for many areas of business. Distributed trust, guaranteed authentication combined with un-hackable anonymity – the ability to leverage use cases with these and other blockchain capabilities is powerful.
Most exciting is the fact that Blockchain is an accessible technology you can leverage and use in your own organization. Early adopters can gain a significant competitive advantage. In a world where digital transformation is the common goal, blockchain applications are core enablers.
Guided by a senior expert, this workshop explains in detail how blockchain can be applied to real-world applications, products, and business processes. Day one establishes detailed real-world literacy on blockchain, where it is going, and how it can be used. It demystifies blockchain technology and helps you understand the use cases, challenges, and roadmap of blockchain. Day two is a detailed workshop day on applied corporate strategy for stakeholders in organizations who wish to navigate the practical aspects of actually incorporating blockchain into applications and use cases. You will take a deeper look into blockchain technology, and will focus on understanding business and technology requirements.

Who should attend
This course is for anyone involved in or impacted by the usage of blockchain technology within the organization. You don’t have to be an engineer to benefit from this workshop, but you should have an understanding of the role IT services and software development projects integrate with your organization.
Functional IT managers and leaders
Business and systems analysts
IT Directors
Project and program managers
PMO staff and business decision makers
Agile & DevOps practitioners
Coaches and consultants