Tableau Desktop Fundamentals



At this two-day Tableau Boot Camp class we will learn how we can leverage the power of visualization. We will explore data visualization and how we can use it to better understand data using Tableau. We will also build dashboard analytics applications through hands-on exercises starting with the building components of analytics architecture through development, deployment and simple administrative functions. This course will cover the fundamentals of Tableau visualization and build the knowledge base necessary to tackle more advanced topics offered for analysts, developers and administrators.

The majority of this course is hands-on in a secure cloud environment. It teaches you how to implement data visualization techniques and practices to achieve better visualization, connecting to different data sources, creating dashboards and successful project deployments.

For detailed course outline please email or call us.


Anyone who is interested in learning the power of Analytics and dashboards

Computer Labs Needed/Technical Specs:
· We will have Tableau installation. We will use online for the students with already prepared data.

Additional information

Date Range

July 24-25, 2024, September 17-18, 2024