Content Marketing



This 2-day course explores the many facets of content marketing, a long-term strategy that includes creating and promoting original, relevant content for your users and customers. The Internet today is fuelled by content – your customers and search engines rely on content to answer questions; and you need content to grow awareness, website traffic and online engagement to conversions.

This content marketing course will teach you how to build your business by leveraging the content you already have, create new content for marketing, and update your search engine optimization so people can find your great content, resulting in increased leads, more sales and better relationships with your customers. With constant updates to search engine algorithms, specifically Google’s, the best way to drive and increase traffic to your website is with content marketing. You can have what you think is the best content to market your product or service, but if nobody sees it, there are no results. Putting content online is not enough; it needs to be engaging and measurable and promoted. This course will teach you how to define a content strategy and content governance that’s right for your business; and choose the proper content formats and types, platforms and tools.

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· Digital Marketers requiring a specialized course in content marketing.
· Marketing Managers/Directors/CMOs
· Marketing Coordinators/Specialists
· Content/Copy writers
· Website content managers.
· Social Media managers and coordinators.
· Communications and PR Managers/Specialists.
· Business Analysts and IT personnel working with or interested in expanding their role into the business area.

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Date Range

June 10-11, 2024, March 4-5, 2024