GenAI Discovery Workshop


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GenAI Discovery Workshop

Duration: 1 day

Multiply the value of AI with a strategic and transformative adoption approach

Artificial Intelligence isn’t just the future; it’s here, reshaping industries and redefining what’s possible. Embracing AI presents immense opportunities, but the potential risks need to be navigated with caution to safeguard your business’s growth and reputation.

In this workshop, GenAI experts will guide participants through a strategic understanding of AI and an examination of their business operations and goals, highlighting specific AI business cases and their potential to enhance revenue and reduce costs. Working together, we’ll develop a cost breakdown analysis and ROI calculation based on your specific needs to recommend a prioritized backlog of AI implementations that bring short-term efficiency and long-term scale.

Part 1: Introduction

  • Workshop Objectives & Attendee Pain Points
  • Demystifying AI: From Myth to Reality

Part 2: Technology & Terminology Primer

  • Breaking Down AI: Essential Terms and Concepts
  • Linking AI to Business Operations

Part 3: Pitfalls of AI Adoption

  • Common Challenges: Data Quality, Scalability, and Integration
  • Addressing Ethical and Bias Concerns

Part 4: ROI Analysis for AI Initiatives

  • Quantifying AI’s Real-World Business Value
  • Decoding the Real-World Value of AI for Your Business
  • Practical Steps for Measuring AI Impact

Part 5: Map AI Solutions to Customer’s Business

  • From Current Pain Points to Potential AI Solutions
  • Assessing existing systems, databases, and software
  • Identifying communication and integration gaps
  • AI as a solution to streamline and optimize
  • Strategies for Effective Data Management with AI Integration

Part 6: Conclusion

  • Aligning AI with Long-Term Goals & Future Steps

Appendix: Selected AI Solutions Deep Dive

  • Resources and Best Practices for Implementation


This workshop is for you if:

  • You’ve heard about AI’s potential but lack a clear understanding of how it could specifically benefit your business operations.
  • You have no clear strategy for how AI fits into your long-term goals.
  • You find it challenging to gauge the potential return on investment from AI initiatives.
  • You have multiple disjointed systems, databases, and software solutions that don’t communicate effectively with each other
  • You have access to vast amounts of data but struggle with data quality, consistency, and availability
  • You have difficulty integrating AI into existing workflows and transformation initiatives
  • You lack the financial resources, skilled personnel, or time required to invest in extensive AI implementation projects

There are no classes scheduled for this course. Please call us at 416-927-7170 or to schedule a class for your company.

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