AI for Project Management


Are you looking to expand your skills in using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform your project management and become a leader in leveraging emerging technologies?


Duration: 2 days Virtual or In-person

Are you looking to expand your skills in using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform your project management and become a leader in leveraging emerging technologies?


The future of project management lies at the intersection of human creativity and technological leverage. Our AI for Project Management course is an immersive and interactive journey to prepare experienced project management professionals for the AI-empowered future. Through real-world exercises with leading AI agents and tools, gain first-hand experience of applications in project lifecycle stages, risk and stakeholder management, and reporting as well as addressing the ethical considerations and data privacy concerns in AI-assisted projects. Whilst balancing AI’s power to create content with human judgment, you will discover how to use generative AI to augment enterprise project management.

In this class you will learn:

  • Understand the generative AI impacts project management
  • Identify AI automation opportunities and Integrate AI tools effectively with existing project management software
  • Enhance communication and reporting using AI capabilities
  • Manage ethical and data privacy aspects in AI-assisted projects
  • Apply AI in various stages of the project lifecycle. and achieving improved decision-making and efficiency
  • Navigate AI applications in risk and stakeholder management
  • Develop a strategy for AI implementation in project environments
  • Implement practical AI solutions and strategies in your workplace.

Course Outline:

Part 1: Generative AI Enablement
• AI Capabilities and Limitations
• Best Practices for Interacting with LLMs
• Identifying Automation Use Cases
Part 2: AI-Enhanced Project Management Environments
• AI and Project Management Tooling
• Implementing an Internal LLM
Part 3: Applying AI in daily PM work
• Content generation and communication assistance
• Dataset identification and capture
• Sentiment Analysis for Stakeholder Feedback
• Search and Information retrieval and extraction
• Text Summarisation for Efficient Reporting
Part 4: Implementing AI within a Project Management Framework
• Project Lifecycle and Governance
• Risk, Stakeholder and Change Management
Part 5: Ethical Considerations in AI-assisted Projects
• Data Privacy and Security
• AI Bias
• Legal and Compliance Considerations
Part 6: Developing your AI-enabled Project Management Approach
• Current State Assessment
• Creating an Adoption Roadmap
Part 7: Future Trends


  • Project Managers, Project Directors, and Program / Portfolio Managers wanting to utilize AI to automate and assist with project management tasks
  • Product Managers, Agile Coaches, or development team members wanting to accelerate project management activities while balancing responsible and ethical oversight
  • Anyone looking to be skilled in AI augmentation and innovation


  • To get the most out of this course, it is recommended that participants have foundational knowledge of project management through formal or have relevant experience working in a project management context.

For groups of 6 or more please call 416-927-7170 or for more information.

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Date Range

July 24-26, 2024, Sept 4-6, 2024