Mastering GitHub Copilot X


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Mastering GitHub Copilot X

Duration: 2 days

GitHub Copilot X is an innovative artificial intelligence-powered coding assistant. AI pair programming can significantly boost developers’ productivity and efficiency in coding, TDD, automated testing, and refactoring to reduce technical debt.

In this intensive 2-day course, participants will dive deep into the advanced features and capabilities of GitHub Copilot X to enhance their coding skills and streamline their development workflows. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, hands-on exercises, and real-world examples, participants will gain the expertise required to harness the full potential of GitHub Copilot X.

By the end of this course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of GitHub Copilot X’s capabilities and be able to utilize it effectively to boost their coding productivity. They will also gain insights into advanced techniques, integration strategies, and best practices for leveraging Copilot X in real-world development projects.

Part 1: Introduction to GitHub Copilot X

  • Overview of GitHub Copilot X and its role in modern software development
  • Understanding the underlying AI technology and its capabilities
  • Exploring the benefits of using GitHub Copilot X in various development scenarios
  • Exercise: Participants will install and set up GitHub Copilot X in their preferred code editor and explore its basic functionalities.

Part 2: Setting Up GitHub Copilot X

  • Installation and configuration of GitHub Copilot X in different development environments
  • Integration with popular code editors and IDEs
  • Configuring preferences and customizing Copilot X for personal coding style
  • Exercise: Participants will configure and customize GitHub Copilot X in their development environment according to their preferences.

Part 3: Leveraging GitHub Copilot X for Code Generation

  • Exploring Copilot X’s code generation capabilities for different programming languages
  • Utilizing Copilot X to automate repetitive code snippets and boilerplate code
  • Techniques for leveraging Copilot X to speed up coding tasks and reduce manual effort
  • Exercise: Participants will work on a coding exercise where they utilize GitHub Copilot X to generate code for a specific task or functionality.

Part 4: Understanding Copilot X’s Contextual Assistance

  • Working with Copilot X to get intelligent suggestions and context-aware code completions
  • Leveraging Copilot X to improve code quality and adhere to best practices
  • Understanding how Copilot X can help with debugging and error handling
  • Exercise: Participants will work on a coding exercise where they leverage Copilot X’s contextual assistance to enhance code quality and address common coding issues.

Day 2: Advanced Techniques and Integration

Part 5: Advanced Code Generation with Copilot X

  • Harnessing Copilot X’s advanced capabilities to generate complex code structures
  • Exploring techniques for code refactoring and optimization using Copilot X
  • Generating code patterns for specific software design patterns and architectural styles
  • Exercise: Participants will tackle a coding exercise that involves using Copilot X to generate advanced code structures or refactor existing code for optimization.

Part 6: Collaboration and Version Control with Copilot X

  • Using Copilot X in a collaborative coding environment
  • Best practices for integrating Copilot X with version control systems like Git
  • Leveraging Copilot X for seamless code reviews and pull request workflows
  • Exercise: Participants will work in pairs and collaborate on a coding exercise using Copilot X, practicing code reviews and version control integration.

Part 7: Extending Copilot X with Custom Models

  • Overview of custom model creation for GitHub Copilot X
  • Building and training custom models to enhance Copilot X’s suggestions
  • Integrating custom models into Copilot X and leveraging them for specific coding tasks
  • Exercise: Participants will explore the process of creating and training custom models for Copilot X, and then utilize them in a coding exercise to see the enhanced suggestions.

Part 8: Real-World Applications and Case Studies

  • Exploring real-world examples of how GitHub Copilot X is transforming software development
  • Case studies showcasing the benefits and challenges of using Copilot X in different scenarios
  • Best practices and recommendations for incorporating Copilot X into existing development workflows
  • Exercise: Participants will analyze real-world case studies and discuss the potential applications and challenges faced in each scenario. They will also brainstorm and present their ideas on how Copilot X can be integrated into their own development workflows.

Professionals who would benefit from this training include:

  • Software Developers
  • Software Engineers
  • AI Developers
  • Technical Leads
  • Researchers in Software Development

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