Automated Web Testing with Selenium IDE


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Automation in testing is key to improving the throughput of development teams and required to achieve Continuous Integration and Delivery goals. Selenium is a collection of open sourced tools that automates web testing, with Selenium IDE being based on click-to-record and test playback technology. This virtual based course introduces Selenium IDE and how to use it in your testing environments.


  • What are the three Selenium products and how does Selenium IDE fit within them
  • Using the IDE to record tests
  • Identifying element targets:
  • Using browser inspectors
  • Selenium target types
  • How to use alternative targets
  • Introduction to XPath and how to use it to specify targets
  • Selenium IDE commands
  • Conditionals
  • Javascript Execution


The course is hands-on with an emphasis on exercises and discussion. Students are expected to have Selenium IDE installed in order to get hands-on practice. The course delivery is done through virtual tools, with a balance between instruction, demonstration and practical experience.

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Date Range

June 13-14, 2024