Fundamentals of User Acceptance Testing



Acceptance Testing is a critical step in the life of a systems development project. As the bridge between development activities and production status, the Acceptance Test is the verification that the project will deliver the user functionality as specified in the project requirements. It is typically the final checkpoint for quality, and forms the basis for end user approval of the project work. As such, it is essential that the Acceptance Test is successful.

This foundation course provides an in-depth introduction to planning, creating, executing, and reviewing acceptance test deliverables. The course follows the life cycle and establishes the key linkages between testing activities and the development process as a whole.

The course begins by presenting a context for Acceptance Testing – what is it, and why do we do it? And most importantly, how do we, and the end user, know that it was done satisfactorily and thoroughly. We examine the detailed processes of developing an overall plan, assessing requirements to derive testing strategies, writing the formal Acceptance Test Plan, and conducting a structured walkthrough to ensure its integrity and completeness.