Foundations of Artificial Intelligence


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Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
The Foundations of Artificial Intelligence course is designed to introduce participants to the fascinating world of AI, covering its history, evolution, and the pivotal role it plays in shaping the future of technology and society. Through engaging lectures and hands-on exercises, learners will explore key concepts such as machine learning, deep learning, algorithms, and data processing, gaining insights into how these elements come together to create intelligent systems that can learn, adapt, and make decisions.
By the end of the course, participants will have a solid understanding of AI’s capabilities and limitations, equipped with the knowledge to leverage AI in their professional lives and contribute to responsible AI development and use.
After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Discuss how AI has evolved to its current state
• Name and use key AI-related terminology
• Use AI as it continues to evolve
• Describe the ethical issues that AI can present, and mitigate those issues
• Use Agility in your AI initiatives
• Develop your ability to prompt Generative AI tools
• Use AI to deliver business value and support business strategy

Course Outline:
Part 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
• History and Evolution of AI
o Understanding AI
Key Concepts
Potential applications
Limitations of AI in the workplace
Practical applications and potential of AI
How AI differs from traditional computing
o History of AI
The historical progression of AI
Key drivers behind the growth of AI
Current AI trends and technologies
o Pieces of the AI Puzzle
Machine learning
Deep learning
Data processing
o Evolving State of AI
Why is AI evolving at such a rapid rate?
Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) vs. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
Common myths and misconceptions
Measures of AI intelligence
Criteria for evaluating AI

Part 2: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence
• The Agile Advantage
• Agile Mindset and AI
o The connection between the agile mindset, values, and principles of AI
Agile Behaviors and AI
Applying iterative development, continuous feedback, and collaboration to AI solutions
Cross-Functional Teams and AI
The cross-functional skills needed in a team focused on AI (e.g., prompt engineering, data literacy, data science, software engineering, ethics, domain-specific knowledge)
Evolving the cross-functional AI team
o How a culture of learning, reflecting, and adapting enables AI success
• Prompt Engineering
o Introduction to Prompt Engineering
The basics of effective AI Prompt Engineering
Recognizing well-crafted prompts that lead to useful, specific answers
Discussion: What Agile AI implementation would look like; Challenges in being Agile with AI
• Prompt Engineering
o Techniques for crafting prompts that produce accurate, reliable, and unbiased results
Context is Key
The importance and impact of context in prompt engineering
Creating prompts based on clearly identified goals
o Recognizing when to revise prompts based on the AI’s results
Exercise: Use several prompting techniques with ChatGPT

Part 3: Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise
• Bringing AI to the Organization
o Business Value of AI
How AI can be used to create competitive advantages, optimize operations, and enhance customer engagement
Making strategic decisions about investing in, developing, or implementing AI solutions based on AI’s business value
How AI supports and complements the skills and creativity of humans
o AI Maturity
The qualities and levels of AI maturity
Adapting company culture, processes, and technology for AI inititiatives
o Plan Your Path Forward
What steps can you take to use AI right away?
What will you plan to do in the next few months?
What will take longer to achieve, but would be worth it?
All professionals would benefit from this training. There is no need for a technical background or any knowledge of AI to complete this course.

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