Inclusive Leadership


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Leadership for a Changing World


The COVID-19 world pandemic and other significant events of the past few years have forever changed the workplace. These events have exposed new leadership opportunities, and changed how we work, collaborate and solve problems in the workplace. There has never been a more significant need for leadership as we return to our workplaces that have dramatically changed in the past three years.

This course focuses on how to apply the core leadership skills and behaviours essential to a leadership position in the new workplace. Seen through the lens of what we have learned about leadership, and incorporating what the post-pandemic workplace will look like in the future, course participants explore and discuss essential leadership concepts and behaviours and how these concepts and behaviours apply to their specific situation.


Any professional preparing for advancement into a post-pandemic leadership role.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will

  • Know the relationship between leadership and change leadership,
  • Be able to define and describe essential leadership skills and behaviours in a post-pandemic workplace,
  • Know the significant role influence plays for a leader to lead teams in person and remotely,
  • Know which leadership style is most effective in various situations and how to shift leadership style appropriately to be an effective leader,
  • Know the importance of the relationship of the leader to the group and how to demonstrate leadership to the group/team/project team etc.
  • Know the role leadership plays in creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace,
  • Know the importance of the relationship of the leader to the individual and how to demonstrate leadership at the one-to-one level with team members.
  • Know the role leadership plays in helping to maintain healthy work-life balance and workplace mental health and wellness.

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Date Range

July 17-18, 2024, October 23-24, 2024