Jira in Agile Projects


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About the course:

Get your teams up to speed on Jira quickly and go back to work ready to practice true agility.

This class teaches the team to use all Jira’s primary features to support an agile practice. In two fast-paced days, your teams get experience with issues, requirements, product delivery, reporting, and tracking. You’ll learn to use Jira to support sprint planning, stories, backlog management, and kanban boards (when necessary). You’ll get back to work ready to embrace agile practices using one unified tool, and one unified set of concepts

You Will Learn To:

  • Use Jira as a comprehensive platform for managing agile projects
  • Support your application/IT service life cycles and agile ceremonies/workflows using Jira
  • Map team member roles to Jira: Scrum teams, project managers, and product owners
  • Explain the basic parts of a Jira project & how they are organized
  • Run sprints and manage requirements, issues, backlogs and deliveries
  • Search for Jira issues and save your search queries for re-use
  • Use different types of agile boards and project formats
  • Efficiently rank and organize issues in the Jira backlog
  • Apply different agile board templates such as scrum and Kanban
  • Report on and interpret Jira data using built-in agile reports and Jira dashboards

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Date Range

April 22-23, 2024, July 18-19, 2024