Lean IT Foundation Certification Program


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Course overview

The purpose of the Foundation qualification is to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of Lean IT. As well as certifying that the student have gained knowledge of the Lean IT terminology, structure and basic concepts and has comprehended the core principles of Lean IT practices. The Lean IT Foundation Certificate is intended to enable the holders of the certificate to apply the Lean IT practices under guidance of a Lean expert.


  • 2 days training course
  • Including a sample examination and preparation to re-enforce the knowledge gained.
  • The Foundation exam is done at the end of the second day. It is a multiple – choice closed book exam over a period of 60 minutes, consisting of 40 multiple choice questions. A successful candidate will get at least 65 % of the questions right.

Program Objectives

The objectives of this program are to explain the concepts of Lean IT as they are an extension of Lean Principles, applied in an IT environment; also, to show the benefits associated with it to both the individuals and to the organizations.


Benefits for Individuals

  • Apply the principles of Lean IT practices to provide necessary insight into business services and support IT assets, employees and processes.
  • Be acquainted with the use of several Lean IT analysis tools and have an understanding of the application of the Lean IT philosophy in an IT environment.
  • Provide insight into customer experience and identify the cause of problems to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Align business services with IT to evaluate a service delivery solution and identify and reduce non-value adding activity.
  • Streamline and automate compliance processes to lessen cost and risk.


Benefits for Organizations

  • Achieve operational excellence through improved agility, service quality and efficiency.
  • Build a customer and value-oriented culture in which employees engage in Lean IT processes.
  • Involve all employees to continually improve services and preserve value with less effort.
  • Optimize IT operations and processes supporting the most business critical applications and services.
  • Implement a rigorous problem solving process to achieve greater strategic and financial value.


Program Content

The candidate will be guided to understand the key principles and terminology within the guidance, as reflected below.


Lean Principles are concerned with:

  • Increasing customer value
  • Eliminating waste (work that does not add value)
  • Management as a facilitator
  • The involvement of all employees
  • Continual improvement
  • Preserving value with less work.
  • Many organizations have adopted Lean IT in order to increase customer satisfaction and to achieve greater strategic and financial value.


By the end of the course students will:

  • Be familiar with and have knowledge of the basic concepts of Lean and its core principles
  • Be acquainted with the use of several Lean IT analysis tools